Thursday, October 22, 2009

Waiting until the last minute

Guess who finally finished a task that should have been done about a month ago?

Yes. Me. Call me slacker!

But dang it all, the task was just something I don't quite enjoy doing. It involved ironing and possibly some sewing. Ugh.

What was my task?

Yes. My daughter's Girl Scout vest. She bridged up this year from Brownie level so her brand new vest needed the initial patches. And there are a bunch that need to be added first thing.

Here's what I was able to add onto the vest yesterday before the Princess' meeting.
  • The flag #21
  • The Girl Scout identifier patches #20
  • The Troop Numbers #18
  • The Bridging patch #13
  • The Brownie Wings #1
People? I may have added those initial patches, but I've still got to add about 7 more. And the seven? Are not iron-on. They'll require a bit of sewing. Sewing. HAND SEWING!

Since the Hubs is going to be helping his brother move this weekend and the kids will be going with him, I'll have the time and quiet I need to sew those darn ole patches on.
Oh fun for me! Maybe a bottle of wine to go with?

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