Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When to push and when not to

Sometimes it's hard to know yourself. Your body. There are moments when we all push ourselves too hard. And then? We end up paying for it.

Today I decided to push myself. I felt ready. I knew I needed a challenge. I needed to get myself to the next level.

What did I do?

Rather than do my typical 2-mile run, I decided to run my typical 3-mile walk route. I wasn't sure how I'd do so I brought some water with me. My mouth tends to get dry right before I start to peeter out. So bringing water along tends to rejuvenate me so I can continue.

And how'd I do? I was able to run the majority of it. I did walk a little bit. But I let myself walk for about 50 yards to drink some water and then resumed running. Let me say that it felt good to challenge myself. And to run another route was motivating as well.

I actually feel lighter right now. Like my shoulders don't have any weight on them. The relaxed feeling that overtakes your body, you know?  [sigh] I think that's one of the reasons I'm enjoying my work-outs, which are miniscule compared to what many of you athletes do every day. But my small workouts are my gradual attempt to building a healthier me. And a healthier me makes me stronger and have the stamina to keep up with my kids.

What're you doing for you to be able to take care of your family?

But one thing I need to do? I do need to look into getting some new running shoes. Any recommendations? 

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