Sunday, October 18, 2009

Melting or better yet trying NOT to melt

While I was glad that the party yesterday was not in an enclosed room, the party being outside did become a little bit of a challenge.

You see, it was 99* when we started our drive up. And it was 102* by the time we arrived at the park. Yes. ONE. HUNDRED. TWO. DEGREES. for an outside party. Thank goodness that they'd reserved a ramada in the largest and oldest section of the park. Therefore, there were trees surrounding the ramada which made it cooler. Yeah. Cooler than 102*.

The kids had a good time. The Hubs got to catch up with his family. I tried to stay out of the frakus as much as possible. My excuse to move around? I took photos of everyone. I didn't take photos the entire time. I did take a break and play with the kiddos. I played catch with the Bear and the Princess ran around us like she was running bases.

My BIL's wife "SC" did a great job organizing the event. She had a few games for the kids. They played a ball toss game. A pin-the-tail game. And there was a GIANT pinata of Elmo that the kids got to beat upon. Giant? Yes. GIANT! There was a big stick to accompany the Elmo. It reminded me of the Spirit Stick in Bring It On because it was all decorated.

But one thing I'm glad about? Is that the Hubs took my camera from me and got photos of the kids with me. Yup. Me and the kids!

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