Sunday, November 22, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 22

Can you say injury prone?


That's how I feel right now.

Yesterday, in an attempt to dress nicely, I put on a pair of wedge sandals with woven straps.


I think I sprained my foot.

More precisely, the area around the ball of my big toe on my left foot.

Yes. I "think" I sprained the area. I checked myself based upon what this site says to do to help determine if a toe is broken or sprained.

My temperature didn't raise. At least I don't think it did.
I can wiggle my toe without too much pain.
There's no grating or popping when I move it.
There is a bit of swelling, but it doesn't look deformed compared to my other foot.
I can easily stand on my foot. conclusion is that my foot is just sprained. From using a pair of wedge sandals that I rarely wear. I guess my feet aren't used to being in that high-heel arch position. My toes aren't used to gripping when I walk in heels. Can you believe it? SPRAINED!

What a way to start my week!

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