Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lights on... Lights off...

According to my daughter, my son is afraid of the dark.

One day he went running to my desk. He was about to start rummaging through the papers I've got in my organizer.

Me: What are you looking for Bud?
Bear: My list to Santa.
Me: Why? Are you going to change something?
Bear: I want to add a flashlight.

A flashlight! For Christmas!

I let him know that we'd just pick him up a flashlight while we were out doing errands this weekend.

So today being Saturday? We did family errands.

We just so happened to be in a store that we RARELY go in. We picked up a couple items and then let the Bear select a tiny flashlight.

When we got home, the Hubs put batteries into the little flashlight.

Hubs: #%!%!^!^

My son came running up to me a bit later.

Bear: Mommy... [a sad look on his face]
Me: What's wrong?
Bear: Daddy said that the flashlight doesn't work. He said he's not going to spend anymore money on a flashlight. [on the verge of crying]
Me: Don't you worry. We'll try to pick one up when you're on vacation this coming week. Okay?
Bear: Okay Mommy... [gives me a giant hug]

You know what's crazy? When the kids were upstairs getting cleaned up for the day, I went over and looked at the little flashlight. I picked it up and opened it and placed hte batteries into it. And then turned it on.

You got it folks! The darn thing worked just fine.

For some reason the Hubs thought the flashlight twisted on. Like a Maglite. The one the Bear selected had an actual button at the tail end. So I can just imagine the Hubs twisting and twisting the top section. He didn't even both checking for a switch.

In the end? The Hubs now knows to look a little better at things (like THAT is gonna stick) and the Bear has a flashlight next to his bed.

Win-win today, eh?

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