Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making Mommy Laugh

We ate out for dinner tonight. The kids ordered the same thing. Unfortunately, the kitchen got the order wrong and made an adult portion of something. We got that on the house but it was something that the kids wouldn't eat. So we had to wait for their order to come up.

When their food finally came, it was straight off the stovetop. Why am I sure of this? Because once the kids got the kitchen on their forks and dipped it into their sauce, they immediately popped the food into their mouth.


No. That's not laughing. That's the open mouth panting they both did when they realized that the food was hot. PIPING hot.

What's funny is that even after that first taste? They kept on eating their chicken.

Each time they popped a piece into their mouth they'd do that "ha-ha-ha" panting.


When we're at dinner we chat about anything and everything. Of course since it's December we tend to talk about toys. 

Bear: Daddy, it's a regular toy.
Hubs: It is?
Bear: Yeah. It's Made in China.

Y'all it's a response I should expect since he can read now.


We actually had dessert after dinner. An amazing event for us. We rarely eat dessert. At a restaurant.

Our waiter (who was AWESOME) brought the plastic samples for us to see. The desserts? They were in shot glasses.

As the kids were each eating the chocolatey confection, I thought about when I was young.

Me: When I was young I didn't have a lot of shots.
Hubs: No?
Bear: I had a shot before and I cried a lot?
Me: Oh yeah? [confusion sets in my mind because I had no idea what he was saying]
Bear: Remember? I got a shot right here. [pointing to his shoulder]

I was talking about adult beverages and the kid was talking about immunizations. The Bear still doesn't know what I was talking about.

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