Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's all about the details

When people ask me about stuff, I try to make sure I'm answering their question. I listen to what they're saying. I read their email all the way through. Then I reply. I don't glaze over what someone is saying. I don't skim through their words. Because doing that? You miss what they're trying to get at. You end up not answering their inquiry.

The other day I told you about the surprise party birthday for my BIL that my MIL/SIL were planning. The Hubs responded saying that we'd be busy with the Bear's opening day baseball activities on that day. Turns out that IS opening day. So I asked the Hubs about where and what time the surprise party was at. He didn't know. And I obviously didn't know. So last night I broke down and wrote an email.

Email I wrote to my MIL and SIL:
We (the Hubs and I) have no idea what's going on for David's party.

Could one of you tell us the where and when of the "surprise" party?

The Bear actually does have opening day on March 27th, so we'd like to get an idea of the timeframe of what's being put together.

MIL wrote back:
Long story short, he suspected S (his wife) was having a party for him so it's no longer a surprise.  The family only (cousins and aunts and uncles included) get together will be at their house (it was going to be there all along, we were going to get him out of the house) and everything is still status quo for the 27th, nothing's changed.

People? I see that she wrote WHERE the party would be. But the when? The time? Anyone see that in her response? Wasn't I CLEAR about what I wanted? I think I was. Am I crazy?

And another thing...yesterday I wrote another email to my MIL about meeting up to hand-off the kids. MIL wrote me back last night.

My response:
The Starbucks I am referring to is just up the steps from California Pizza Kitchen. It's right where they have the valet parking in the covered area outside the food court. I chose it because it's got easy access with loads of parking all around so we don't have to go into the mall.

MIL wrote back:
Thanks, which entrance is it nearest to, like which anchor store should I park near?

It's like she's never been to that mall. Which she has. It's like she doesn't know where the food court is. [banging head against desk] THIS is what I have to deal with.

A Starbucks is easy to find via a phone call or internet search. The info on a party, on the other hand, is only known by the folks throwing the party. You know? SHE wants details from me but doesn't provide us with any details.

Y'all? I'm going to IGNORE her inquiry. I'm finishing up packing and driving up there this morning. I'm just going to tell her that I didn't have time to log into email. She can just call me tomorrow morning as she's driving to the Starbucks. HA!

But for now? I've gotta get some coffee in my system. It's going to be an interesting day with the kids!

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