Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obviously not detective material

Tomorrow the kids and I are headed up 1.5 hours to spend the day in another city. We're actually going to hit the Children's Museum. It's a much larger one than what we've got here in our little city. I'm planning on making an entire day of it, so we're spending the night up there.

Not sure if you've been following my Tweets, but I was perturbed earlier this week about how when we mentioned to my ILs a couple weeks ago that the kids would be on Spring Break this week that my MIL said she'd take the kids on Friday for an overnight. Then my BIL and his wife would take them Saturday night. So out of a 10 day period, the kids would be with the Hubs family only 2 nights.

I don't know about your own families, but if MY Mom heard the kids were on break and she lived close by she'd want the kids at least 3 to 4 days. So imagine how disappointed I was to hear about my MILs plans. I mean, she isn't working since she got laid off about 1.5 years ago. She's been sending out her resume and has had one interview. She does watch my BILs son one day a week (Tuesdays). But that's it. No other real commitments. [shrugging shoulders]

Since the kids are on break and I did want to do something "fun" with them outside the norm I decided to plan this little trip. And since we'd be up there where my ILs live, I asked the Hubs to ask his Mom to meet us at a Starbucks close to the freeway to do the hand-off of the kids on Friday morning.

Hubs wrote:
Grace wants to spend Thursday doing things with the kids there in the Valley.  She's going to stay overnight in a hotel with them.  Grace would like to have you meet her at the Starbucks at the C Mall around 10am on Friday and then you take the kids from there.  Please confirm this will work for you.

MIL wrote:
Son, this is perfect. Just checked and it says Starbucks is inside Great Indoors at the C Mall, is this the right place?  The mall usually opens at 10 so I will be there.

Hubs wrote:
Yes, I believe that is the correct Starbucks.  Suggest you call Sharon on her cell when you are on your way to make sure you can find each other. 

MIL wrote:
Hi I just called the number shown for Starbucks inside Great Indoors and that was not correct. Grace, I checked again and they told me they were nearest the Harkins Theaters, I will call your cell Friday morning when I'm leaving and just reconfirm,

My response:
The Starbucks I am referring to is just up the steps from California Pizza Kitchen. It's right where they have the valet parking in the covered area outside the food court. I chose it because it's got easy access with loads of parking all around so we don't have to go into the mall.

People? Up where my MIL stated that she "just checked and it says Starbucks is inside Great Indoors"? I have NO IDEA where she did her checking. The Great Indoors? That place is ACROSS THE STREET from the Mall in a totally different strip mall.

What's amazing to me? My MIL was an Executive Assistant for about 20+ years at a national NEWSPAPER. I'm sure she's had to perform research of one type of another at some point during her career. And she couldn't find the Starbucks at the Mall? No wonder she still doesn't have a job.

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