Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stuff that makes me C-R-A-Z-Y

It's Spring Break in my neck of the woods.

Yes. It's Wednesday and my kids are still alive!

I've made a deal with them that in the mornings I need to work and then by lunchtime we could go out and do simple things. Like errands!

Yesterday we actually headed out to the new park in our area that opened up about 2 weeks ago. We spent about 1.5 hours there. They mostly played on the climbing equipment and chased each other so that was nice.

Today? We got the oil changed out in my car. We went to get gas. And we topped it off by stopped by the library.

It was on our outing that I went stir-crazy. My kids didn't drive me crazy. It was the adults around me.

Was it YOU at the CostCo gas station in front of me pulling the hose from the pump that was on the right side of your car to your where your gas tank is on the LEFT side of your car? Oh yeah. And (for those of you who know CostCo) you didn't park close enough to the pump so that I could squeeze through in the middle of the aisle. Yeah. I was stuck. You couldn't take that hose out of your car so that I could squeeze through. You just kept your wide-body in the middle of the aisle pumping away like the world revolved around you. The world? It doesn't. If my kids weren't in there, I may have reacted differently. Less calmly. But inside? I was seething with all kinds of vile words. Seriously. Vile. Gross. Words.

Or were you the gal talking on your cell phone in the kid section of the library. I heard every word of your conversation. EVERY. DARN. WORD. It's funny how when you were finishing up your conversation you readjusted your sitting position and looked up. And saw me staring at you straight in your face. Funny how you ended up adjusting yourself so that the sculpture in the middle of the room blocked your entire body from me.
Were you embarrassed about your behavior? You didn't want me to continue staring at your blatant disregard for others around you in the library?

But what didn't catch me by surprise was that the kids at the computers, the ones who were chatting away like they were at home? That they belonged to you. Yeah. I guess they learned by your example that the library is just another place to talk in loud voices. But what made me almost laugh out loud? Was when you finally "shushed" them when they started getting exponentially louder. And? They barely toned it down. [shaking head] I'm not saying my kids are angels? But when they were little and we started visiting the library I taught them to use their "inside" voice in the library.


The bitch session is now concluded.

Onto something more is what the kids were climbing on.

Can you see the SNOW on the top of that small mountain behind the Princess?

Here's a shot of the covered play area with slides and a couple swings at our new park.

See these puny little twigs that they call trees? In a couple years these things will be about 15 feet tall and will create quite a bit of shade.

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