Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Retraining my tootsies

I quit the full-time workforce way back in 2000 when the Princess was born. We were one of those fortunate families that were able to live on one income. The Hubs. He became our sole source of revenue. I became our family's primary caregiver.

For the last 4 1/2 years, I've been able to get back into the work environment. But working from home. My first job was fabulous. Yes. I worked about 60 hours a week, but it was from home. What was great about it was that it was a full-time job with full-time pay AND benefits. Unfortunately, the company was purchased and they fired all of us. Yes. Fired all the employees. All they wanted was the technology. Not the people. [sigh] Thankfully I was able to find a new job where I could work from home. The bad thing is that it was only considered part-time (<40 hours per week) with part-time pay and no benefits.

The Hubs and I are now hoping to make a move to San Diego. And to do that? I'm in search of a full-time job with full-time pay and benefits. Yes. After just over 10 years, I'm trying to get back into an office situation.

And what does that mean? What? What?

It means that I need to get myself organized. Clothes. Shoes. I've got to get things in order. I took some time yesterday to get my old work clothes out of boxes and see what still fit. Thanks to the run/walks that I started in August my clothes still fit. Of course, I took a month or so off for the holidays and never really got back into the groove of things. I'm just starting to get back into my run/walks this week. 2 miles on Monday and 2 miles on Tuesday.

My body has changed a bit since my pre-kid days, so the clothes don't fit the same. I spent some time this morning at a seamstress to get some of my pants adjusted. For some reason, I've got less of a butt. Yes. I lost my back! My pants needed slight adjustments in the hem so that they didn't look too long. The gal is super busy but pretty fast. My pants will be good to go on Friday afternoon.

With my pants getting in order, there's only one more thing that I need to take care of. My feet. Yes. I have not worn heels for more than 2 hours since I had my daughter. My tootsies are definitely out of practice with heels. After years of primarily wearing flip-flops and keds? Comfy stuff. My feet need to get used to the way the foot arches and being off-balance. It's one thing to wear a pair of slingbacks to a wedding or to church. It's something else entirely to wear heels for 8+ hours. You know?

So what am I doing? I am wearing my heels while I work here at home. Right now I look totally ridiculous. I'm wearing cotton walking shorts right now along with some knee-highs and my heels. Heels and shorts? No one else is around but me so it's okay that I look ridiculous. Anything to get myself prepared for that job I hope to have soon.

[crossing my fingers and toes]

Yes. I do realize that I'm wearing blue with black shoes in these photos....but I HAD to show you my new shoes!

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