Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What shape is it?

It happens all the time. When family gets together, there's a story that seems to always come up.

For the Hubs family, there's a tale about one of his cousins, Brian, when he was 8 years old. Well, Brian happened to be staying with my MIL overnight while his Mom was in the hospital.

MIL: Come to eat everybody!
Brian: What are we having?
MIL: We're having pasta.
Brian: What shape are those?

Yes. That's what he asked. What SHAPE the pasta was. Like the shape was going to effect the taste of the noodles.

But no one was surprised by this. Brian is a known picky eater. His entire family is pretty picky about what they eat. They rarely eat vegetables. Not so happy with fruit. They don't like anything spicy. Yeah. It's a bland existence. But they do enjoy their beer!

Anyway, every now and again the Hubs treats us to In-and-Out Burger for dinner. We love that they use fresh ingredients and that the burgers are substantial and consistent. I do adore their fries and their vanilla shakes! But when we get burgers, both my kids will remove both the lettuce and tomato slices before they eat. Yes. They remove the veggies. But the kids? They like to eat salad. They enjoy salads made of iceberg, romaine and even spinach! For some reason that makes sense only in their minds, they remove the lettuce (and tomato) from their burgers.

This weekend, we happened to go out to eat to an old haunt. The Hubs and I started eating at this particular restaurant when we started dating (in the 90's). We thanked the heavens when they build this restaurant out here in the desert! So we took the kids to this restaurant and we ordered some herb foccacia bread as an appetizer. Alongside the bread, they serve a mix of tomato, basil, garlic with EVOO. We handed the kids each a slice of the bread, while the Hubs and I opened up the bread and put a generous helping of the tomato mixture into the bread. YUM!

Guess what? The kids immediately asked for some of the tomato mix as well. And let me tell you what. They totally killed the appetizer. They asked for another slice with the tomato mix. Which left me and the Hubs holding just the one slice when we were expecting to each get two each. [sigh]

We just find it funny that the kids savored the tomato mix in the foccacia bread, but remove the tomato from a burger.

Anyone else have kids with these "strange" preferences with food?

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