Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just the first of many Saturdays

Baseball season started a couple weeks ago, but this week marked the start of the competition.

Take no prisoners! Ha-ha-ha!

No. My son's coach is not one of those cut-throat type of leaders. He is VERY laid back. Which is good because he doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on the boys. And our boys? They're having fun. They're just learning to gel with each other. They're getting to know everyone's name. It's nice. Now if only I could remember all their names AND their parents names! That won't be for a while yet, I'm sure.

Anyway, today was the first Saturday of morning games. We're at the old baseball fields. Our community opened a brand new park about 6 weeks ago and from now on that's where our Saturday games will be held. But for today? We were at the old field where our weekday games will be held.

I looked at the schedule for the season and we've basically got 2 to 3 games each week. Yes. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. That's not even counting practice. The coach still has to figure out when and where those are going to be held. It's going to be very cumbersome. The Monday/Wednesday games start at 5pm. Yes. That early. And they run to about 6:30pm. And I'm sure practices will be held around that time as well. Kind of creates havoc for dinnertime since we typically eat around 5:30pm every weekday.

But today's game was a sunny one. Got up to about 90* as a high today. Even though the game started at 10:30am, it was still hot. I remembered to spray sunscreen on the Bear's arms, neck, and face since he was going to be out on the field. But I failed to spray myself. I am sporting a slight sunburn on my chest (I was wearing a v-neck shirt) and on my upper arms.

It definitely was a lovely day though.

The Hubs got recruited to help get the chalk down in the in-field.

Here's the Bear getting a hit.

He's rounding third base here headed for home plate. See in the background there? That's snow (most likely hard ice) still up there on that mountain.
The boys are already looking out for each other. Here's the Bear and a buddy from last Spring's team helping out a new teammate out of the catcher's equipment.

I love that these boys are showing team spirit. AND HAVING FUN!

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Katherine from Shoot me Now! said...

Love the pictures... and the snow/ice on the mountain - WOW! I remember when both of my boys were in baseball during the same season - between games and practices, it was NUTS. I loved baseball, but didn't complain when they wanted to move on to different sports... the schedule was just too much. :)