Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little better planning maybe?

The Bear had a game this morning at the new park that was opened just a couple months ago.

We'd never been to the baseball fields. Since we weren't sure exactly where we needed to be, we arrived 40 minutes before the game. Our coach likes the boys to be there about 30 minutes prior so they can "warm up". I always giggle at this warming up business. They throw the ball to each other. Stretch. Get their "heads in the game". I think it's just to make sure the boys show up!

So we (all 4 of us) walk over to the baseball fields. The Hubs is carrying the Bear's bag and the kids are carrying water bottles. Yes. Because it's reaching about 90* around here already.

We find a handful of the Bear's teammates at field#1. The Hubs walks to the dugout with the Bear to get his stuff situated. I look around and figure out where we're going to sit.

[crickets chirping]

Y'all? There are no bleachers! Can you imagine? We're at a new park. We're at the baseball fields. And there are NO BLEACHERS.

The Hubs finishes up with the Bear and walks to me.

Me: There's no where to sit.
Hubs: What? [looking around]
Me: Give me the keys. I'm going home and getting the chairs.

Yes. I drive home (with the Princess) and grab our two picnic chairs that are in our garage in their carrying cases. Thankfully it's not a long drive. Only about 4 miles. But when there are folks driving 5 mph BELOW the speed limit, it can seem endlessly longer than it should be. Yeah. I was behind a "garage sale" driver who kept on looking to and fro for those SALE signs directing drivers where stuff is being sold. Ay-yay-yay!

Then there's my daughter in the backseat saying "Mom! There's a bee in the car!"

Apparently, the bee had been perched outside my son's window. I opened all the windows of my car when I started driving and the darn thing decided to scoot just close enough into the car to be shielded from the wind. My daughter was NOT happy about it.

Anyway, I did get the chairs and we made it back just before the first ball was thrown. I also brought along my umbrella that is always in the back of my car and our waterproof picnic blanket that I threw into the car when I picked up the chairs. We've only got two chairs so I brought the blanket for the Princess to sit on.

So in the end? I was comfy in my chair and shaded during the game. About half of the other parents ended up standing for the game or under a picnic gazebo that was a bit far from the field. I'm sure next week we'll all have our chairs/umbrellas.

But bleachers at a baseball field?

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