Friday, April 16, 2010

A sense of relief

I heard some good news this afternoon.

I've got a job in SoCal!


I don't have all the details but I was basically told that I'm in. So sometime in May I'll be starting. Most likely it'll be mid-May since the person I'm replacing will be leaving June 1st.

Now I've got a place to stay temporarily (my folks).
I've got a job.
I've got a move date in mind - May 2nd.

It's just a weight off my shoulders to know that the job is there.

I think the Hubs was relieved to hear tonight that I'm a shoe-in for the job. He's been kind of off-kilter the last week. He's been stressing about the uncertainty of our situation.


But now we've got a reprieve. A bit of breathing room.

I was realizing today though that when I drive out to my folks that my car is going to be LOADED to the brim. I've gotta bring all my clothes - casual and professional. My desktop computer so I can still do my virtual office work until the new job starts. All my office supplies. My personal care items - contacts, soaps and face cleansers, make-up, and all that stuff.

It'll be so weird driving for hours with no one in the car with me. I mean when I am alone it's just to do errands within 10 miles from our house. So to be alone in the car for 6+ hours will be a new experience.

Once I officially start the new job, the Hubs will start actively looking for a job in SoCal. It'll be an exciting new start for us. I'll be near my sisters. The kids will be near their cousins. My folks will be here to back us up when the kids are sick or on vacation. We'll have so many more family gatherings. Not only to celebrate special days, but to just be together.

I'm starting to get happier in my heart!

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