Thursday, April 15, 2010

To see and be seen

Last night I noticed that I had an email in Facebook.

Receiving emails via FB is unusual for me. My 'friends' tend to just leave me messages on my page. So when I get an email, I tend to look at it first thing.

What was the email about this time? An important issue I needed to deal with? Someone confiding in me about something confidential? One sister complaining about the other?

Nope. It was a reminder that today was going to be the last day to buy regular priced tickets to my high school reunion. No. I'm not going to tell you the specific number. Suffice it to say that it's not my 10th.

The price of the ticket includes an evening of dancing, hor devours, and ONE drink along with a full BBQ picnic at the beach the very next afternoon. Fun, right?

Well, I'm all set with my ticket now. I saw the list of folks who've already purchased their tickets as well and I'm going to be in some good company. There's maybe ONE person who I had a couple rough years with that'll be attending but I don't care. We're X many years older and I don't think we'll have a throw-down. Can you imagine?

It'll be interesting to see how all the popular kids turned out. Who looks older. Who looks like they've had some work done. Those who still are immature. And those who are wiser than the hills.

Are you getting ready for a high school reunion this summer? Are you excited about it?

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