Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loud noises get me crazy

This morning was busy. Cleaning day! The Hubs got busy with getting the front rooms in order. I was on bathroom, floor, and laundry duty. After he finished with his bit, the Hubs headed out to the grocery store.

The kids were upstairs (finished cleaning their rooms and the loft/play area) playing Wii. I was in the master bath scrubbing away in the shower.


The fire alarm started blaring.

Our alarm system in the house? When one goes off? They ALL go off. Yes. Upstairs and downstairs the alarms were blaring. And it wasn't just the beep-beep-beep sound that I heard? Some of the alarms actually TALK. Yes.

Fire! Fire! beep-beep-beep!

Lordy bee!

And I couldn't figure out how the heck to turn these puppies off.


I ended going into the garage (where the kids were sitting to escape the loud blaring) and called the Hubs (who was at the grocery store).

Hubs: Hello?
Me: Honey! The fire alarm is going off.
Hubs: What?
Me: The fire alarm is going off right now. Not the ones attached to our security alarm system. The regular fire alarm detectors that came with the house.
Hubs: Which one?
Me:  ALL of them! And I can't figure out how to turn them off!
Hubs: All of them?
Me:  Yes. I'm in the garage right now. Let me open the door to the house

Fire! Fire! beep-beep-beep!

Hubs:  Oh boy. I'll be right home.

He heard the ruckus over the phone and realized the extent of the noise being made.

The Hubs got back in about 5 minutes. And he ended up removing the fire alarms from the ceiling to de-activate them. Yes. He got up on chairs and ladders to remove them from the ceiling.

THANKFULLY, the house was once again quiet. [sigh] Lovely!

And the Hubs headed back out to grab groceries. What a great husband!

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