Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ready to mix-n-match

I brought my dress pants to a seamstress last week.


I picked up all my pants. FIVE pair of pants.

They all now have a good length on them that'll go on with my heels.

Yeah! Five pair of pants for five workdays of the week.

I'm ready to mix-n-match all my tops with these pants. Basic pants. Nothing flashy about them. They are simple with straight legs. Two in black. Two in shades of beige. And a brown pair. I've got just a couple skirts that I'll get into the rotation.

My work wardrobe is almost complete. I've got pants. I've got shoes. I've got some shirts (but I've still got get some new ones). I've got a couple blazers.

What I don't have?

Is a full-time job.


But at least I've got my clothes!

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