Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cleaning up before a storm

Guess what I spent my morning doing?


Yes. Cleaning.

And I joyfully did it.


Because I was cleaning our new place.

The other day I went by the place to drop off some water, salt, rice, and a Bible.

Those of you who have superstitious parents or relatives know why I did it.

Just to keep the peace. And to give us some good vibes upon moving in.

But let me tell you.

When I went by to drop the stuff off the other day, I found a yucky surprise in the townhouse.


I found ants.


The ants had found a way in and had made their way up to the 2nd floor.


Not only did I yell when I saw them. I also got a chill all up my arms.

I ran pretty quick over to the drugstore down the street. I came back armed with ant bait AND spray.

I laid out the ant bait outside the front door and a couple on the inside.

Then I sprayed the H-E-C-K along the path that those darn ants had made.

And today?

I cleaned the place.

I had to rid the place of all the carcasses.

And there were a ton.

But best of all?

There was not an ant alive anywhere inside.


I have to tell you that our place is now fresh and clean.

The floors, bathrooms, and kitchen are all spic-n-span.

The place smelled a little stale when I entered

It now smells like Pine-sol, Clorox bleach, and Lysol.


Now what did you do on this beautiful Saturday?

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