Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MDs all over the place

Yesterday I came home to find my son bundled under a blanket.

Burning up!

I took his temp and it was 101*.

I gave him some Tylenol at 5:15pm.

I cuddled with him on the couch.

Around 6:15pm I officially rechecked how his head felt. STILL burning up.

I got a sweatshirt for the Bear and grabbed my purse.

The Bear and I then headed to the nearest Urgent Care.

Why so quick to react?

He first sported a high temp (of 101*) last Monday, July 26th.

I gave swapped Tylenol and Motrin to keep his fever down for 2 days.

On Wednesday night his fever was gone.

But alas?

He started getting a cough with some slight nasal drip.

And he's had the cough and nasal drip since then.

Then I come home yesterday to find him AGAIN with a high temp.

No headache.

No nausea.


No other symptoms other than an achy body.

The nurse took his temp and instead of going down after a dosage of Tylenol, his temp actually was up to 101.5*. Definitely not the right way to go.

While we waited?

The Bear (of course) ended up needing to go to the bathroom.

Since it was a "hospital" type bathroom, I gave him some hand sanitizer when he got back into the exam room.


The alcohol-based hand sanitizer reacted with his hot body and resulted in hives.


My son broke out in hives while in the exam room.

The nurse ended up giving the Bear Motrin AND Benadryl.

The doctor checked on the Bear and let me know that his nose, ears, and throat looked fine. No raging redness. Since he had the cough for more than a couple days she wanted to get a look at his lungs to make sure it wasn't pneumonia. So off to x-ray we went. And those two little x-rays were clear as day.

To make to rule out anything else? The Bear is now on a 10-day regiment of antibiotics. And I'm tying in the Motrin/Tylenol mix in there to keep his temperature down.

Thankfully he was definitely feeling a little better. The yuckiness that comes with a raging fever is gone.

But y'all? I'm tired. Instead of sleeping through the night? The Bear woke up at 3:30am. He'd been asleep since 9:30pm and so the Tylenol/Motrin combo had worn off. The fever was building back up. So he felt yucky. And AWAKE. He was ready for a chatfest at 3:30am after he took Motrin and some cough syrup. Yeah. He wanted to stay awake and TALK!

Uhh....that was NOT going to happen. Because I? I had only laid down at 11:30pm. That means I'd only had 4 hours of sleep so far. And I was set to wake at 6am. This Mommy wanted to fit at least 1 more hour of snooze time. But who could do that with a chatty feverish kid?

I got maybe 45 minute of light sleep before my alarm went off.

So I went off to work. TIRED. What a way to face a full day of work.

But I made it through. With a forbidden cup of regular coffee under my belt. Y'all remember that I'm no longer supposed to drink caffeinated drinks? I must say that the coffee definitely did give me the extra oomph I needed to get through my day. Yes. That ONE cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, my visit to Urgent Care isn't going to be my last visit to see a doc this week. I'm headed out again tomorrow morning to see another doc. Again!

Right now I'm working on getting the last bit of sustenance into my system. I had a pretty big dinner (for me) -- 2 servings of shrimp & veggie pasta with a side of strawberries. I'm also loading up on my water intake. I've got to keep hydrated. Why? Because I am not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. I can't eat OR drink anything until after my visit to the doc to get an Upper GI done.

The first thing I get to drink tomorrow? A yummy barium drink. Oh yeah! Don't you just want to be in my shoes?

Hopefully the docs will find something. Something that'll explain this freaking heartburn that isn't getting any better with the various meds I've been prescribed since February. [sigh]

Anyone else keeping lots of time at the docs this week?

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