Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally getting back to unpacking

Last night I got back to dealing with unpacking stuff.

Yes. We moved in here in mid-August and I took a LONG break from it.

I broke down on Friday night and finally dug into a few boxes. Granted, they were a few small boxes but it was stuff from my desk at home. I had to go through the papers and figure out what I wanted to keep. Papers that I hadn't looked upon in ages that the Hubs just packed into boxes since he didn't want to filter items out for me.

And now? We are NOT going to sit on the floor to eat. Yes. We've been eating "picnic" style since we got here. I know it's pretty sad. I finally found some barstools that are just the right size. OUr bar that we've got now in our kitchen? Around 34-35 inches high. The seats on our breakfast nook table chairs are 18 inches high, while our original barstools are 29 3/4 inches high. One is too short, while the other is too high. Dag-nabbit!

For the last couple weeks, I've been hunting for some 23-35 inch stools. I checked IKEA. I checked a couple furniture stores. But where did I find the stools that I finally purchased? Target! Yes. The big red target had the stools. The right height (24") and at the right price (< $25). The stools have metal legs, so I ended up buying an inexpensive area rug to protect the floors. Since this is a rental, I've got to protect the darn artificial hardwood floors. You know?

Unfortunately, we did have a mishap with the stools. When we got home, I set to work because I wanted to get the stools done. I was going at a good pace. I got the first two done in about 15 minutes each. Then I was stumped when I took out the pieces for the third stool. I was supposed to have the seat (part A), 2 legs (parts B), 2 legs (parts C), along with the screws & washers. Me? I had the seat, screws, and washers just fine. BUT? I had only 1 leg (part B) and 3 legs (part C). Yes. I had enough parts but not all the right ones. So we had to head back to the big red bulls-eye and trade it out. Ay-yay-yay!

All I can say is that, even with the minor fiasco, I'm happy that our kitchen/bar area looks now. 

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