Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing beats good customer service

Earlier today I was online searching for some new shoes for the Bear.

My son?

He's got wide feet.

Like me.

So it's a struggle to find him wide shoes that are cute. I mean, I know he doesn't REALLY care what they look like but I like to find ones that are nice. Not orthopedic looking. You know?

I found a pair of shoes that I thought were cute. I called the Bear and he agreed.

Unfortunately, that was the only shoe that I could find in his shoe size.

So what's a Mom to do?

I ordered TWO of the same shoe.

The kids and I went to the community pool after I placed my order.

When we got back, I made them some dinner and I got online. I'd forgotten to take my meds, so I still needed to wait an hour before I could chow down.

Anyway, I went in to check my emails.

I found the confirmation from the website for the shoes.

Rather than one line item, there were two listed.

Line one said --> "Estimated to arrive by 9/20/2010"

Line two said --> "Cancelled - unable to fulfill"

Say what?

Unable to fulfill?


What got to me was that when I looked at the email in more detail is that the shipping and handling for the one pair was the same as it was for the two.

I went back to the website and initiated a web chat to voice my complaint about only getting the one pair. And to cancel my order.

In the end?

I didn't cancel my entire order.


But you know what?

The gal on the web chat was good.

She listened (or read if you want to be more specific) to what I had to say.

And can you believe it?

She actually waived my entire shipping and handling since I did bring it up.

Because I'm sure she realized that if I was going to cancel my entire order? That I was going to go to that other big shoe website and order from them since they don't charge for shipping. You know the site I'm talking about, right?

Anyway, so my Bear will be getting one pair from this site and another pair from the other big shoe website. Yeah. He definitely needs two pairs of new shoes right now. Growing boys can totally shred their shoes!

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