Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing like an afternoon/evening of football

The kids and I met up with my family to watch my youngest nephew's first football game of the season.

It was a late afternoon game.

They started warming up in the late afternoon. But when they ended, it was dark.

Yes. We got to watch as the warm sun got lost in the horizon and saw the stadium lights turn up.

It was a pretty awesome sight.

The game?

It was a good one.

My nephew's team won.

But I wouldn't have wanted to be an official at that game.


Because both teams were called the Lancers.

And they wore the same colors.

Purple jerseys.

Black pants.

Black socks.

Black shoes.


The only way we could tell who was who was from the numbers on their jerseys.

Our team's numbers were dark with white outline.

The other team's numbers were just white.

We always waited a smidge to make sure who had the gosh darn ball at the kick-off. Because in a pile-up they all looked the same!

But it was a fun way to spend the evening.

We ended up picking up some AWESOME Mexican food (from one of those locally-known hole in the wall places) to finish off the night. YUM!

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