Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Using my "in between" time

Since I work full-time, I've got the kids in before and afterschool care. It's a great resource for me with a wonderful staff.

I get off work around 4 and I normally just zoom on over to the school to get them.

But the thing is?

The kids can stay there until 6pm.

Taking driving time out of the equation that's almost 1.5 hours of in-between time that I could be using.

I couple times I've gone to the grocery store. Now THAT was lovely. Being able to meander through the aisles. Being able to get everything put away neatly.

Last week I went looking for some flat shoes for work (sprained my ankle) during this time frame.


I forgot to pull out some meat to defrost before we left this morning.

So I was busy putting together dinner just now.

It's nice when I make dinner first and then go pick them up.

When I pick them up directly, it's total chaos with them unpacking and telling me about their day. All of us changing into comfy clothes. And then I'd make dinner while they'd do homework.


But today?

I've just finished the rice. I made some beef stir-fry with tons of veggies. I've got some fruit all cut for something sweet.


I'm off to get the kids.

When we get home we'll just be able to relax.

I'll be able to have more time to sit with them and talk over their homework and about their day.

I think my in-between time today was well used.

You think so too?

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