Friday, December 17, 2010

The possibility of good news

I had a brief conversation with the Hubby while I was at work today. I just wanted to let him know that I was emailing some paperwork that he wanted.

He let me know that he was just about to step out and take his staff out for a holiday lunch.

He kind of hemmed and hawed on the phone like he wanted to tell me something.

I told him that I'd talk to him later if he was in a rush.

But he couldn't help it.

He spilled the beans.

He told me that his boss got a promotion.

Like that's a good thing?

Because his boss got a promotion?

His boss now wants to promote my husband.

Hear that?

A promotion!


He puts in a lot of heartfelt effort into his job, so this promotion is something he totally deserves because he's worked hard to get recognition.

The only thing is?

He'll have to work there.

Not here.

Which means we'll be away from each other for a longer amount of time.

The only good thing is that he'll be able to come out and visit us more often. He'll have more vacation days along with an increase.

So in the long run it'll be good for his career, which means it'll be good for us as a family.

Have you even taken a job where you have to work in a city away from your family?


Anonymous said...

Oh, what wonderful news! But also not such good news to be apart. Will you and your kids be able to go there to visit him? How often will he be able to come see you all?

Grace said...

It's much easier to have the Hubby come to us when he can come out. He's thinking he'll come out every 2 weeks but we'd be happy to see him even once a month. You know?