Sunday, December 19, 2010

Short week for me

My kids started their Christmas vacation on Friday evening.

They'll be out of school for two whole weeks.


I'll be at work tomorrow.

I'll be at work on Tuesday.

I'll be at work on Wednesday.

But that's it!

[doing the happy dance]

I'll actually be taking Thursday and Friday off.

So it's going to be a short work week for me.


I am so jazzed that I'll only need to be in the office for 3 days this week.

And the thing is?

I'll also be taking next Monday off.

That's five days I'll have with my kids.

AND my husband!


He's coming in to spend the holidays with us.

I'm so happy.

Of course, it's gonna suck when I get back.

I'm sure my email will be full.

I'm sure my in-box at my desk will have many items in it.

I'm sure my voicemail will have requests a plenty from the staff.


But hey...

I'm going to have a fun time during those five days.

Now how are YOU spending the holidays?

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