Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The artistic side of a 5th grader

My daughter's class had a party today.

Typical, eh?

The class actually had an assignment before the party.

 An assignment?


An assignment.

Each of the students was to select their favorite book character.

Then create and wear a costume to class.


Of course, there were some high-profile selections such as Harry Potter and Princess Amadala.

My daughter chose to be Nyra, the queen owl from the Guardians of Ga'hoole.


My daughter had to make an owl costume.

Quite a dilemma from a non-artistic Mama like me.

We found an old black cape from the kids' costume box.

Then we headed out to Michael's on Saturday to pick up supplies.



We opted to use different shades of brown flannel to glue onto the black cape.

We also picked up a black cap that she'd wear on her head.

So my daughter and I got to spend some time in our garage this weekend creating her owl costume.

She was very chatty and giggly the entire time.

She even divulged the fact that she found out that one of the boys in class liked her.

I cringed inside when she told me but I remained calm and cool about it.

I think the fact that I was so non-chalant about it relaxed her demeanor and allowed her to really open up about it. Yes. She continued to giggle up a storm.

But she (or should I say we) finished her costume and she was able to wear it today for their class party.

The next project in store?

Her science fair project!


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