Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scenes that make me stop

We all have been there in a movie theater (or at home) when a movie scene just GETS you.

It hits you right in the gut.

Touches that part of your heart.

A scene that takes your breath away.

That minute or two that makes you ache.

It's in that moment where the tears automatically flow from your eyes with no notice.

Those burning hot tears that you never want others to see.

I remember when I first watched Legends of the Fall and that scene where Tristan (Brad Pitt) tried to run and catch Samuel (Henry Thomas) but didn't make it time. He could only watch as Samuel was gunned down right in front of him and then he cut out his brother's heart so that he could bring it to his father. I still choke up when I see that scene.

I don't think there's any over 30 didn't shed a tear when they watched the first 10 minutes of Up. Watching the progression of the man's life from boy to young man to married man to widower. To see his dreams, his life, and then his loneliness.

That bit in The Green Mile where Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) touches Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) and sees how the little girls truly died. Oh that scene! The expression on Tom Hanks face! The anguish in Coffey's voice when he said, "He kill them with their love. With their love for each other. That's how it is, every day, all over the world."

The beginning scenes of Saving Private Ryan were groundbreaking when it came out. The shaky camera added to the chaotic nature of the scene. It added to the grittiness and feel of confusion in combat. I tend to hold my breath each time I see it. But that isn't the only scene that makes me cry in this movie. I tend to be quite an emotional mess if I watch the entire thing through.

The most recent couple of minutes that get to me are those first few minutes of Star Trek. You know, the one directed by J.J. Abrams? Watching George Kirk stay behind to steer the darn ship when it's navigation system goes kaput. He stays behind so that everyone else can escape. He remains on the bridge while his wife flies off in an escape pod while giving birth to their child. The way it's pieced together along with the music? Ugh! Gets to me every time.

What are some movies that you love that make you cry or make your heart ache every time you watch it?

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