Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hiding it once again

I only had one thing that I needed to get done today.


What was it?

Dye my hair!

I'm one of those who does an at-home treatment. I've pretty much done my own color most of my adult life. With dark brown/black hair it's pretty easy to get things done. No need to blend various shades. I did go through a period where I went to a salon for color for a year or so. That's when I had streaks. Yeah...but no more. Now I've got simple taste. I'm just sticking to one color. Or I'm trying to. But my aging body sprouts those darn white roots in no time flat. ARGH!

I sprouted my first white hair when I was 16. It was on my right temple. No biggie. Just one hair. But as I got into college, I had a handful of hairs that would come back. Now? When the roots come out, I look like I've got a halo around my face. A halo might sound nice, but not a halo of white hair.

After I cleaned up dinner tonight, I made an appointment with Miss Clairol. I've bought Nice-n-Easy since I was in college, but I actually bought Natural Instincts at the store yesterday. I ventured out and tried something new. I actually did like the fact that I only had to leave the color in for 10 minutes versus 45 AND my hair does feel very soft. I just may be a convert. But I'll wait to see how the color holds.

So you gals who color. Do you color at a salon or do it yourself at home? What brand do you use?

There are a couple girls at work who have dyed their hair since they were teenagers. They actually had a debate at lunch one day about who started having gray hair first. The conversation spiraled. They tried to one-up each other on who had it worse. The one gal finally said, "I even have white hairs DOWN THERE! Why do you think I get a Brazilian? So I won't have to see any snow in my girlie area." Oh goodness! That had us all busting in our chairs.

But so goes life as we all age. White hairs here. White hairs there. We each deal with these darn hairs in our own way.

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