Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music once again in my life

The kids and I didn't stay home last night.

Where did we go, pray tell?

We went to see this....

It was the Princess' final band concert.

At the kids' school, only the 5th graders are able to take band. I think it's kind of strange as I started taking lessons at school in the 2nd grade. But I guess it's all about national school budget cuts and all that jazz.

It was fun to watch the kids' play. In actuality, it kind of hurt my ears at moments. Seriously. There was one particular trumpet player who most likely only practiced every Wednesday at school when the band convened together. The kid was pretty horrible and LOUD! It would be one thing if he played quietly, but he was so loud and offkey for about 90% of the time. Ay-yay-yay! Thankfully, there were a few songs where each group of instruments played by themselves so you could hear JUST THEM. The flutes? I have to say...played the BEST.

The kids were asked to dress nicely. Boys in slacks and collared shirts. Girls in slacks or skirts with a nice shirt or a dress. No jeans. No shorts. And it was so great to see the kids come in looking especially nice.

While I enjoyed watching the kids, I came home with one revelation.

Teach your daughters how to sit in a skirt.

These girls are used to wearing shorts and jeans. These girls were DEFINITELY not used to wearing skirts.  Oh my! Their legs were sprawled this way and that. Can you say undies on display? Yes. It was bad. So your daughters how to sit in skirts. Enough said. Right?

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