Monday, July 18, 2011

Keeping my options open

While my job provides a steady income for the kids and I to stay here, I am continually on the lookout for opportunities.

Last night I went looking on a couple job boards and found a really interesting post. It was for an executive personal assistant position reporting to a CEO. What I found most appealing was the fact that it's a partial work-from-home position. I have no idea where in the city the CEO is located. Somewhere in town. The ad doesn't mention anything! ARGH!

Since having that week off with the kids, I realize that I really miss being working from home. I didn't have to get dressed up every day. Heels. Nylons/tights. Skirts/dresses. Makeup. [sigh] Even the driving to and from the office takes a toll.

Nonetheless, no matter where it's located I threw my hat into the ring. I email'd my resume out late last night. Yes, I did! We'll see if I hear anything back.

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