Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're here!

It took some doing but we're moved!

I packed during my free time for a couple of weeks. Then I worked until Wednesday. I packed like a maniac Thursday and Friday with a bit of help from the Hubs. We even "staged" all our boxes in the garage Friday night.

Thankfully we had some help packing the truck (Sis #2, LilSis, Shorty, Niece#3 and her fiancee) Saturday morning. We had everything in the truck by noon. Oh yeah! We sat on the floor and had pizzas for lunch while the carpets got cleaned.

Soon after the Hubs and the Prin took off in the truck on their way and then my Mom took my son for the night. I was left to clean the place. And CLEAN I did. Who knew there was so much to do? I ended up spending the night because I had to keep the windows open in order for the carpets to completely dry. I wasn't about to leave that place alone while it was open and unlocked, you know?

I did the walk-through at 9am. The Bear and I were on the road by 10am. We were at our new driveway by 3:30pm.

Can you believe that I was online and working by Tuesday at 7am? That's right folks. I had ONE day to unpack all my essentials before I had to get to work.

It's definitely been a whirlwind.

The kids are settled into their rooms. The Hubs comes home for lunch most workdays. It's nice. It's my new life. And it looks good so far.

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