Saturday, November 17, 2012

Definitely not Tim Gunn

My son is an easy-going kid.
He loves the simple things in life.
He likes cereal for breakfast. Honey Bunches of Oat or Mini Shredded Wheat.
He likes to use all inclusive body wash/shampoo gel when he showers.
He doesn't care about name brand items. Except Nike shoes.
And my son?
He has NO sense of clothing coordination.
He'll just throw on any clean pair of shorts and t-shirt.
It doesn't matter what color they are.
I used to cringe when I'd see what would select for the day.
I just know that he'll wear whatever is comfortable.
Today's outfit?
Dark navy shorts, an orange short sleeve shirt (with two black paint spots on it) and a long sleeve black t-shirt that was a smidge too short in the arms. He wore the long sleeve OVER the short sleeve shirt.
But I have to tell you about a repeat outfit that makes me CRINGE every time I see it.
He has some of blue shorts with yellow/white stripes down the sides.
He'll pair the shorts up with either his green camouflage or grey camouflage t-shirt.
There are NO similar colors.
And he's totally fine with it.
The last time he wore the outfit, I raised my eyebrows at him.
He looked at me as he finished tying his shoes.
He put his hands on my arms and said "It's okay Mom. It's not a fashion show."

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