Sunday, November 18, 2012

My positive spin on Sandy

I work in an industry that was affected by Hurricane Sandy.

My workload at least doubled starting October 29th.

For 2 solid weeks I worked. That's right folks. I worked 14 days in a row.

My arms and fingers were fatigued by the sheer volume of work.

Thankfully I made sure to take a number of stretching breaks during the day so no carpal tunnel symptoms occurred.

The good thing about working so much?

My next paycheck that'll be coming this Friday is going to a a doozy.

I'm supposed to work 75 hours over a two week time period.

I worked over 130 hours.

I could have easily doubled my regular work hours, but I only worked 4-5 hours on the weekends.

But anyway, my next paycheck will be a nice bump up.

The thing is? I already spent my earnings this weekend.

Say what? How?

The family went out yesterday to a furniture store and picked out a couple new leather couches.

We've had the same sectional since before the kids were born. It's about 13 years old. And it has served us well.

We've now got a few holes where the material was worn thin, so we've been planning on getting new couches for a while now.

The couches were (unfortunately) not in stock locally. They'll need to come in from the California warehouse.

So our new couches will be here next Sunday (since we'll be visiting my family for Thanksgiving and staying until Saturday).

But by dinner Sunday, our house will be smelling like leather!

And no. We're not getting rid of our sectional. I'm going to move that comfy thing over into the tiny area next to our kitchen. We don't use that space right now. It's only got an area rug in it. But soon enough? It'll be a nice nap area.

So that's the upswing of Sandy in our household.

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