Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working then driving

Tomorrow I've got to work.

I'll be up around 5am to log in to tackle the mountain of work that's still in my work to-do list.

I worked until 9pm tonight and there are 44 tasks that I still need to complete.

And there is a bunch of stuff that I'm sure will come in -- last minute!

I already emailed some folks to let them know that I will be clocking off at noon.

I also stated that it was a HARD STOP for me. That I would NOT be staying any longer.

Yes, I HAD to spell it out for them. But I'm sure there will be emails coming in at 11:50am.

But at noon?

At noon?

I will be loading my car.

Road trip!

We'll be driving out to see my family for Thanksgiving.


I've missed them all so much since we moved back here to the Hubs.

It's going to be a busy, busy, busy day tomorrow.

What are YOU doing for Thanksgiving?

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